One and dones. Awesome bag once they’re broken in. Good for block and push, and if you’re not like me and can actually roll a bag these are for you.
Deviants are like Goons slightly more controllable little brother. Great mid range speed bag. Doesn’t get as floppy as Goons for those who like a firmer feeling bag. - Karl Birkhofer

Just got my Airwolf Goons in yesterday. Feel great right out of the package. Nice fabric and fill. Will definitely be a go too bag. Thank you!!! - Geoff Harlow

Have misfits they are fast with my hard throw but with a slower throw the seem like a grat bag. - Andy Lynch


Wretch - great feeling bag, perfect speed combination of 6/9, great bag for slower boards and very controllable and hole friendly - Michael Phelan

Goon definitely a bag almost anyone could throw, very controllable slow side but a fast side that plow thru blockers and drip in the hole. - Al Grytebust

Saints are a definite must for the hard throwers. Slow side is great for throwing a block with a little arc, with the ability to slide on faster boards. Overall good feeling bag between fill and materials.
are an all around great bag. Nothing needed besides some throws to break in and get better over time. Hole friendly without being overly floppy. -Karl Birkhofer

Misfits are my go-to bag for faster boards. An absolute hole magnet with a controllable slow side. Fiends come out of the bag in the humid Alabama nights! The fast side does great when the dew starts to set and the slow side is great for push and blocking. -Carol Beth

Deviant This bag is good for all levels of play. The control you have from the slow side is great for the beginners. The slick side has enough to push, but not too much that you lose the control of the bag. If you are looking for your first set of Rebels, this is a good choice. - Aaron Petrowich

Fiend by far the most hole friendly bag I've thrown. Pro sniper but wayyy better. This bag just finds the hole. If it's close then it's falling in. Great bag for sneaking around a bag and catching the side of the hole. Misfits My go to bag when the boards get slow. Soft in the hand but hard for your opponent to beat on the board. Speeds are true at 6/9. I would compare this bag to a CS Sabotage but better.
Wretch if you like Blood Money then you will love these bags! I prefer them over BM because they are slightly fuller and don't get as floppy. Slow side will slow down in humidity. Perfect speeds as the slow side does allow for a block to be placed but, at the same time, allows a push. This bag stays in my rotation.- Wesse Jilson

Goon - My first choice when I put out the boards. Very controllable slow side, and a slick side with enough to push through in most conditions. Playable right out of the bag, but only get better as they break in.
Suspect - This carpet is great for laying a block, even for a hard thrower like me. If you want to dirty up the board and get in the head of your opponent, this is the bag for you. Flip to the slick side and a hard push will clean up anything in front of the hole.
One & Done - Absolutely love this bag! If you are a carpet thrower, you want to try and get your hands on a set of these bags. They are one of the more consistent bags I have, especially the carpet bags. I have the smaller template version, so they are a bit fuller feel.
Misfits Definitely glad I got my hands on another set of these after letting the first ones go. I love the material combo on these, and the speeds of them make them a must have when moisture hits the air.- Aaron Pertowich

Crook Currently my favorite bag on all levels. Love the look, love the feel, extremely hole friendly. As I purchase more bags from you I will input more reviews. - Nelson Quiles

GIVE THE LETHALS TIME TO BREAK IN THEY ARE THE BEST FAST BAG MATT MAKES. Ok now that I’m done hollering. Crook and Goon are both great control bags. no kick and very controllable speed. Suspects are my favorite of his carpet bags. If you like carpet get a set. The Nemesis are the best of both worlds when it comes to carpet. -Kyle Butler

Crook My go to bag with the right speed . Love the look, love the feel and very hole friendly. I Be purchasing more bags when bags drops!!! -Sky Chhim

Crook One of my favorite bags. Been throwing it in league for weeks. I told myself months ago I was done buying, but when those were released, I had to try them. I could not have been more pleased that I fell off the wagon to buy them.- Matt Wutzke

Suspect- once broken in have the perfect combinations of speed. Good for blocking yet fast enough to get a good push. Have achieved some crazy cut shots with them - Tiffany Lucia

I tried the Rebel Deviant bags and just the feel alone had me hooked. So i purchased almost 1 of every set. Each bag has its own properties of speeds, kick, slide, push etc etc. Not only that but the designs are absolutely awesome. Rebel has a bag forevery type of thrower, what are you waiting for.......Be A Rebel!!!- Pat O'Dell

Goon were definitely my go to controllable slow side and very hole friendly !! - Robert Snyder

Aside from the obvious, that rebel bags designs are sick! I have only had the pleasure of owning goons. The slow side material is awesome and the feel of the bag is great. The fast side is a bit fast for my throw, but I know as I get more comfortablewith that fast side ill use it more.Look forward to trying some other series in a speed I am comfortable with in the future! - Fabri Pita


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